User Feedback:This mod is a great addition of mods on your forum not only allows Static Pages you to keep info hidden from everyone but staff it also allows you to be like wikipedia. The possibilities are endless. You can even give every page a number so if you have many pages 1 will come first and last number 20 of the total pages made. Its a great way to improve your forum. Of course it depends what your forum is about. When you create a very detailed topic about something, lets say a piece of work about the Egyptian culture. And there is a difficult word or a word people won't understand in your text. You can make that word a link to a new created page to explain that word in that page.You can do many things and I think Static Pages is a great feature to have you your forum.

Download topic:

Additional Notes: When you create the SQL page make sure to change the phpbb_ to the prefix you use.

If you want to disuss the mod you can do it in here or if you have any questions you can ask them here also.

Note: Its recommended you ask on the site where the mod is from or e-mail the author.

But we will try to help you for sure.