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Thread: Is Vbulletin Still The Best Forum Software?

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    Just wondering if people feel vBulletin is still the best forum software?

    I just want to compare forum to forum, not including other aspects like galleries, or blogs/CMS like with IPS products.

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    3x series yes their 4 series no

    Ipb is more user friendly.

    Mybb is a remake of Vbulletin.

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    IPB has got to the point where it's much more progressive, faster, and overall better than vBulletin. However, perhaps Xenforo will be better than IPB.

    At this point, with their horrendous customer service, it's better off if you stick wtih free software.

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    Not anymore, I'm still a big fan of 3.x but I can't stand 4, I expected a lot more and IPS has surpassed it in so many ways. I can appreciate the amount of hard work that must have gone into it but quite honestly, if I was a member of the vB team I would have been embarrassed to release v4.

  5. I am very anxious to upgrade from vB3.x to vB4.x, specifically for the CMS features. Unfortunately, very few vBulletin plugins support 4.x at this point -- and it's starting to look like many never will.

    vBCommerce and vBAdvertise are core features of the member experience at NetBuilders and I can't upgrade until they support vB4.x. Unfortunately, the developers haven't even started on converting them to 4.x yet. I'm starting to feel trapped.

    I've used IPB a bit in the past, but now with AdminCommunity I can see how it's improved significantly.

    It seems hat all the vendors do the "forum" part reasonably well and that therefore they can only differentiate and compete outside of the core "forum" component of the software. Doing the "forum" component well isn't a market advantage any longer, it's just another requirement.
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  6. I was just looking for a good vBulletin skin and I came across a disturbing post from TransverseStyles.

    Here's an excerpt:

    For nearly 6 years I have designed and sold skins for primarily vBulletin but also IPB. vB was always an incredible product to design for and with it's market position, a very profitable platform to design for as well. During the last 12 months I have watched a once thriving and innovative company deteriorate to something I can't find words to describe but most certainly a far cry from being a leader any longer. I was invited and participated as an Alpha tester for the 4.0 project. I saw this as an opportunity (in a small way) to help define 4.0 and ensure it was a quality product worthy of the vBulletin name. Because of an NDA of which I am still under, I can't say all that I would like to about that experience but I can say it was eye opening. The events of the last 6 to 8 months are now old news. I, personally, have lost any confidence I might have had in Internet Brand's ability or desire to do the right thing. I cannot and will not attempt a relationship or business on that kind of foundation.

    During this time described above, I have focused on IPB. I have had the opportunity to build a business and personal relationship with the leaders of that company. I must say, IPB the product and company, is light years ahead of vBulletin and worthy of my full attention. With the soon to be released 3.1 version and it's companion products, I can say with confidence there isn't a more innovative or powerful community platform on the market. Combine this with a truly customer focused company it all becomes a "no brainer".

    I said all of this to say, effective July 1st, 2010, Transverse Styles will officially drop vBulletin sales and support from our product line up and will focus entirely on IPB. I hate to have had to make this decision and I apologize to all my loyal vB customers but this is the correct decision for me to make personally and professionally.

    Personally, I don't see anything that wrong with vBulletin or with Internet Brands, but losing good theme developers is certainly not good news for the vBulletin community.
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    The one thing that makes vbulletin really stand out is the number of modifications. With, the options are almost unlimited with what you can do with a stock vb forum.

    But on the other hand, ever since vb 4 came out, the overall quality of the product has been lacking. I think vbulletin has reached a pivotal point - improve the overall quality of the product, or risk losing their market share.

    Personally, I have 2 vb forums that are closed right now. I'am looking at getting an invision license, converting vb to ipb and opening one of the forums back up.

    My main forum, I'am waiting to see where this vb 4 thing goes. If it goes further down hill, I might be forced to convert to ipb. If the quality improves, I will probably keep my main forum as vbulletin.

    My step son opened an ATV forum a few months ago. I told him to go with MYBB.

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