Xenforo software just got a flash mob of traffic to their site upon opening that doesn't seem to be slowing. A lot of disgruntled vBulletin customers have joined, with a mix of IPS clients, and other forum software users checking the software out. Being developed by former vBulletin guys Kier and Mike, the platform seems to have a great future ahead of it.

Quotes on the subject have been wide ranging. Some are calling it "What vBulletin 4 should have been", others are saying "The vBulletin and IPB killer is here". Whatever the case maybe, it's gives the appearance of a solid forum only platform currently.

With some fancy popups, and navigation Xenforo is all about the user experience. Check out some of these cool features that Xenforo is currently developing or has already finished development on.

1. When clicking a member name from "Who's Online" a splendid popup box appears with basic information on the user. Currently the post count, location, sex, user information, registration date, likes, age, and a alot of other useful information is instantly at your finger tips.


2. Simple creation of pages that automatically inherit forum permissions. Not a lot of information is out on the full capability of what can be done with these pages, but they'd make for some great basic information pages on a forum. Using them for such things as forum rules, or guidelines, terms of service and AUP, important notices even, the possibility would be endless since adding custom pages is now such a breeze. Check out the Example Page from Xenforo.


3. Built in awards system called "Trophy's". This appears to function much like a forum ranks would, but instead of possibly losing the rank, the trophy stays with your account forever. More like an award addition to a forum software package. The trophies will come predefined, and with the ability for the admin to add later. A great way to get your forum members competitive and earn some sort of satisfaction from posting.


4. XML Output of profile information. If you've ever used the facebook XML features available for developers to build a site, you'd know the extensive amount of information that is immediately available to program with. Having an XML output of the profile information should make development of additional modifications to Xenforo a breeze!

Check out a sample output David Mchenry XML From Xenforo

5. What everyone's doing! Get instant to the second updates about the activity on the forum, and watch what Bob is doing right now, or see what forum member Steve was doing 15 seconds ago. If you get bored, you can probably spend hours just watching the feed go by.


We're going to be keeping a close eye on Xenforo as it grows and develops into a full fledged community suite. It seems as if they're off to a great start, and rumors have it that sales are going to start as soon as August 2nd, 2010.

What do you think of it, and are you contemplating switching from your software to Xenforo? Leave a comment and let us know. If you're looking to switch from any forum platform to Xenforo, then you'll need professional Xenforo Services!