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    Looks like some of the original vBulletin creators and developers have started their own forum software project. It's called Xenforo. It actually looks rather nice and it's fast fast fast! def go check this one out guys!

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    Actually looks quite nice !! May have to use it when it comes out for my mini project or w/e.

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    That looks great! Can't wait for it to get released so I can give it a spin!

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    At last, the ultimate vBulletin killer has arrived! Excellent...

    I'd be interested in getting this if the introductory price is good enough.

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    I wouldn't pay much over $99 for it honestly.

    What features does it have the IPB or vB doesn't, or that a free software doesnt?

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    Is this from the same people who ignored feature from their vbulletin customers?

    Is this from the same people who after years of development could not even give us a way to manage bounced emails?

    Is this from the same people who let vbulletin fall behind current internet trends?

    when I start my next forum, its going to be with 1 of 2 software - mybb or invision.

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