I know it seems as if we've flooded the site with articles on Xenforo, but it's new and refreshing so here's a collection of questions posted from the Xenforo forums collected in to one place and answered by the staff at Xenforo. They're already super busy working on the product, so it's a refreshing change to see them out being active in their community answering tough questions from community members. The questions are in bold, the answer in italic, and the staff member who answered in bold italic! If it didn't come directly from the staff at Xenforo, then it isn't listed here!

<strong class='bbc'>Where does the name Xenforo come from?[/b]

<em class='bbc'>"Xen also sounds cool"[/i] Foro is Spanish for forum. - <strong class='bbc'><em class='bbc'>Mike Sullivan

[/i]What can Kier do now that he couldn&#39;t do when he was product manager of vbulletin?[/b]

<em class='bbc'>"It&#39;s more what the software can do that should be interesting. We have completely new architecture that allows us to develop extremely fast without endlessly chasing unexpected regressions[/i]". - <em class='bbc'><strong class='bbc'>Kier Darby[/b][/i]

<strong class='bbc'>Jelsoft always had issues communicating with their customers about upcoming changes even prior to IB getting involved. What are your thoughts about this (if any) and where does XF plan to be in this scale of things?[/b]

<em class='bbc'>"I would like to point out that although the developers were the public face of Jelsoft, we were not the owners and therefore the features that were developed and the way the company operated were subject to the will of the owners.

Conversely, the XenForo team [/i] <em class='bbc'>are the company owners and we believe it is in everyone&#39;s interest for us to be open and transparent about what we are doing and where we are going. Hopefully you will have already seen this playing out in our communication here on the forums." [/i]- <strong class='bbc'><em class='bbc'>Kier Darby[/i][/b]

<strong class='bbc'> Will the communication be clear enough that if someone asks for product z tomorrow, you could say &#39;yes its in the works for later this year&#39; or &#39;no, we don&#39;t plan on doing it this year&#39;.[/b]

<em class='bbc'>"That&#39;s perhaps idealistic - if someone comes up with a great idea that we want to implement but it would involve a massive realignment of current development priorities, we are unlikely to be able to give an answer on the spot. However, I would hope that we would be able to provide a strong presence in suggestions, helping to understand what our customers want and the technical limitations that might exist. Part of the strategy for handling suggestions involves allowing customers to discuss ideas, to ensure that a feature would be beneficial to a significant number of people. We expect to be making road map-style posts, so you can be aware of what&#39;s coming or what we have our eyes on."[/i] - <strong class='bbc'><em class='bbc'>Kier Darby[/i][/b]

<strong class='bbc'>

Hi, you guys know what&#39;s the font name of the xenForo logo?[/b]

"Derived from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurostile" - <strong class='bbc'><em class='bbc'>Mike Sullivan[/i][/b]

There you have some nice questions and answers directly from the Xenforo developers and owners. If you have some questions you&#39;d like to ask them, leave a comment and we&#39;ll do our best to get an answer for you.