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    This is probably my favorite forum software It is clean, simple, and very easy to use! Thoguhts?

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    Defiantly my favorite. Lots of nice features, nice communities, huge selection of top of the line themes, and a great, and fast support team.

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    Personally my favorite software. I think you two covered it all as to why I like it.

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    Personally, I prefer to install and host my own software. However, Zetaboards is still a very good option for the remotely-hosted. Unlike Forumotion or what have you, they've built their own software, which was well-done.

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    They've recently added new features, so opinions on that. I'd also like to hear some more opinions.

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    I like them, I use them for some side projects. They have some of the nicest skins and designs, and some great modifications such as AIO(all in one) which includes ACP, Bank, Tournaments, Donations, Shop, Lottery, and quite a few things and you can disable and modify them to your own needs. Although updates are quite bad from them though as they should be adding and removing stuff when they don't and there is never an update. Although I recommend from ugly Proboards, ForuMotion, FreeForums and other remotely-hosted forum softwares.

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