For my latest blog post I decided to add some audio. What I found was that a simple link to an MP3 file (when clicked) causes the browser to play back the file online. I tested with the latest versions of Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Opera. So there is no need for flash.

To record the audio I used Audacity, then converted the microphone audio to mono. Then exported to MP3. Then upload this file to my blog (or wherever you have a website).

Then I linked to the file using a graphic image of an MP3 icon with the link set to open in a new window.

I got motivated to do this after reading somewhere that readers of blogs love to hear the actual voice of the blogger. Of course we can easily record a web cam video of ourselves and upload to YouTube, but I think that you need acting skills to pull this off, but with audio, you can read from a script and do quick re-takes to get a good version to publish.