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Thread: Best Posts On Writing

  1. Smile Best Posts On Writing


    There is always scope for improvement where our language is concerned. So here is a list of some awesome posts I have come across that are worth sharing.

    The Impotence of Proofreading

    Creative Writing 101

    Clear Writing (what a difference a word makes!)

    If you have any to add to the list or have something to say, feel free to post below.

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    Thanks for the links! The proofreading post was pretty funny.

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    Some really god links here. Good reading

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    Great information. I have just joined and already seem to fall in love with this forum.

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    I use the proofreading myself

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    Thank you for the links, I thought the impotence of proofreading was a joke the first time I saw it, but nice!

  7. Thanks for sharing, great info!

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    Nice posts. Dailywritingtips is really a great blog I always read.

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    These are very useful for newbies....thanks mate...

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