Hey There!

Welcome to the new content creation section. This forum is all about writing awesome content to get more people to subscribe, read, buy, whatever. For those of you that don't know, my name is Corey Freeman and I'm a freelance writer and blogger at Writing Whale. I make about $80-100 weekly from freelance writing, which hopefully qualifies me to run this section. I also like to make insanely long posts.

Some Guidelines

1) Don't be a jerk. Not everyone is as fantastic at writing as I am. (Some people are better!) When critiquing or giving advice, be nice about it.

2) Ask for help! If you have a piece that you need edited or something, ask for someone to look it over. If you make a thread dedicated to critiquing something, please follow these two rules:
- It must be a fairly significant piece of writing, like a salesletter or an application. Please don't post endleass threads about your blog content. I'll delete it if you do.
- You must mark critiques with (REVIEW/CRITIQUE) or [REVIEW/CRITIQUE] so it doesn't just look like random spam.

3) Be creative, have some fun! Writing is all about personality, and without a personality, your writing isn't going to sell.

4) Please do not randomly post your writings. This is about content creation for the sake of website promotion, products, etc. Business writing and such.

So that's about it. Hopefully I'll make a good mod, and you can contact me via PM or something for help anytime! Have a good one!

Corey Freeman