The good old saying is that "content is king", yet more and more people are coming to grips with the problem which seems opposed to its highness: information overload.

It seems like that should be quite relevant to all content producers and all of us who wish to make money by regularly producing free content because the typical solutions to information overload involve filtering. This seems to make it harder for content publishers to get traffic. It may lead to people reading less stuff online reducing the size of our cake or at least to being so focused that specific niche targeting becomes even more important (and also harder).

Someone even said that the solution to information overload could be to create more content arguing that this puts us to a different relationship with information and provides valuable context. That seems paradoxical and doesn't do anything to end the potential dethroning of "content".

It increasingly seems like a case of too much supply for too little demand which clearly means that a lot of content producers simply wont get anywhere. The business will fail.

Here are some possible solutions...

1. Content organizing. Creating new content becomes merely a matter of creating glue to tie existing content together. Creating structured presentations of content like courses designed to convey or teach a specific message (ala Teaching Sells). And possibly charging for it so as to cut off the need for advertising.

2. More emphasis on professional looking multimedia. Convert content into video and audio in addition to text.

3. Somewhat related to 2, create experiences, not just content. Combine entertainment with information delivery.

4. Have world changing unique ideas. The problem here is that for many of those ideas people aren't looking for and may even be hostile to. Good luck making money on such ideas (for example, I'm a passionate anarchist, advocating free market without government intrusion, and it seems extremely hard "selling" these ideas to people, yet it's a big part of what I'm motivated to produce).

5. Anything else?

It seems like the need is to go a step further. Since now everybody can produce content of some sort easily since everyone can blog, convey news via twitter etc. it's like selling people what they all already got, even without any advertising entering into it. So the idea is to climb up a notch and do what is harder to do, what fewer people are doing, where demand is still perhaps higher than supply.

What do you think?