When I started out in internet marketing not so long ago one of the first problems I encountered was getting good content. "Content is king" you can read this all over this and many other marketing forums and yes, it is true but even thought content may be king, getting good content as a beginner can be hard or at least for me it was.

At the time I didn't have money to outsource and alone the thought of having to write content made me anxious because I wasn't very good at writing and I worried that my content wouldn't be good.
Another problem I encountered was how boring writing content for niche sites is, and even now I have an awkward feeling in my stomach when I think that I have to write it.

Having learned from that experience I want to share the knowledge I gained with others here that might experience the same problems.


For me motivation was always the biggest problem, and it still is but I found ways to make it work.
Back in those days I would put writing content on my to do list but I just couldn't get the task done. I would spend my days doing a lot of things, things I don't really have to do, just to avoid writing content.

Every night when going to bed I realized that another day had passed and I didn't get anything done, but I didn't worry too much because I would just say to myself: "First thing in the morning I will write the content".
After a while it came to me, motivation wont just come one day and speak to me with some miraculous organ and make me jump up, fully motivated for work, I realized that I have to find ways to motivate myself.

Maybe the best way to do this is just by forcing yourself to start working, don't make any excuses and start working, get something done, you will feel accomplishment and that will make you work more.
Don't worry how much you work, it takes time to develop work habits and its going to get easier every day, just make sure you work every day and you are good to go.

Content not good enough

The other problem I faced was a constant fear that my content wasn't good enough. I'm not a writer and I never wanted to be one, but I didn't have money for outsourcing so I had to write my own content which was probably the thing I hated most about the whole process of creating niche sites.

If you aren't passionate about writing and want to be successful at internet marketing you should definitely buy your content.
It will save you a lot of time and if you aren't very good (like me) the content you buy will probably be better anyway.

But chances are that if you don't have money to invest in your business you will have to write your own content for the first few months, if that is the case do extensive research on the subject you are writing about, make unique and useful content that will make your visitors stay on the site for a few minutes and maybe even solve the problem they have.

Never provide duplicate or low quality content, your visitors will hate it, Google will punish you (one way or another) and sooner or later you will pay the consequences.