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Thread: Copyright or Copyleft?

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    Copyright or Copyleft?

    While I was on, I saw Mr. Chow's article on copyrights violators (Do People Respect Copyright Anymore?), it appeared to me that many people fear auto blogs (see the other thread) and content thiefs.

    The question is, wouldn't it be more profitable for your blog (or website) to adopt copyleft ( policies?
    I mean, as long as people input a link to your site as being the original source of the content, in which way is it harmful to let them copy entire articles BESIDES a seo perspective?

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    I would not like it if people stole my hard work and gave me a cheap link back. I prefer copyright.

  3. If some stupid auto blog took my content, I would object.

    But if a nice blogger who has good content (I don't care even if it is PR0) asks me, I will definitely agree to go copy left
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    There is a reason we have the word "excerpt." There are policies for copying articles (such as the essays and documents you'll find in textbooks) but people generally gain royalties for that. A backlink seems insufficient, as mentioned. Also, people can fall victim to miss-attribution, where they decide the source that COPIED your article is more reliable than you.

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    What really bites the big one is even if they leave you a backlink it might be Nofollow

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