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Thread: Curing The Dreaded Writer's Block

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    Curing The Dreaded Writer's Block


    All of us go through a writer's block and we have to come out of it sooner or later.

    Personally I read forums of my niche to get ideas or I even read my blog's comments to see if my reader's need anything.


    (This is a god idea for a post on the WMP blog I think)

  2. Taking a really nice and peaceful walk can really really help. Always works for me.

    (Thanks for the idea)
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    Well, I'd find guest bloggers or post a question. Or, write 'reverse posts'.


    "How to Win Subscribers"

    reverse it and, voila!

    "How to Lose Subscribers"
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    Reverse posts will make weird stuff on my site :P

    Caching external data in PHP > Not caching internal data outside PHP
    New design for Gaya Design > Old design for Gaya Design
    Animated tabbed content with jQuery > Static single tab content without jQuery

    nice :P

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    LOL Gaya

    Personally I never really get writer's block. I always carry a notepad or a piece of paper around with me so that I can jot down any ideas. I went through a phase of having 10-15 ideas written down at a single time. I find if you do it like this, you're bound to get ideas at some point.

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    My writter block is only lazyness. And my way to solve it is by drinking a cup of coffee and then lay down for a while. And, since my blog topic is not serious topic, after wake from my lay down, i'm already get my motivation to write back. I'll write article offline, sometime i just write1 article, but in other time i can get myself write 2-3 article in one day.

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    I don't get writer's block so much so as the not wanting to write, haha.

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