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Thread: Do You Proof Read?

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    I proofread my work and have my girlfriend proofread it as well. I also do the same for her. If it is an EXTREMELY important article, I read it out loud and then send it to friends to proofread.

    Reading your work out loud is one of the BEST ways to proofread. My English and Literature classes also required audio proof reading. You notice things you wouldn't otherwise notice. Sometimes we have a tendency to read only what we WANT to read, as funny as that sounds.
    I agree. I always read my work out loud and that's when I catch a lot of mistakes I overlooked before. I also try to set the articles aside for a little while and then come back to them with fresh eyes but sometimes deadlines don't allow that.
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    I tend to proofread blog posts and such but rarely will I go out of my way to proof read what I post on twitter and depending on the forum, I may or may not.
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    Yes i proofread, it is very essential especially when writing contents/articles. It can't be helped sometimes to make mistakes.

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