Hi guys just wanna ask, do you using PLR article on your blog/site as your content? PLR article is so cheap right now and i find the article is good quality. It's instant, you don't need to edit it, just copy paste and then your blog is contain new article .
But you also can rewrite PLR article so it will become fresh article.
About the affection of using PLR to SEO-related, farrhad said in other thread that it's just a myth and explain that duplicate content is not affecting your SERP. Because of that, so using the pLR is no longer a problem. But it's become a choice, use it or no.

Using PLR article mean :
- Saving time to write
- Saving effort to write

But there is a weakness of using PLR, people will think you're not good blogger because just using PLR. But the solution is already written above --> rewrite it (even the idea is not fresh anymore, but the content is become fresh).

So, do you use PLR article and why?

Note : Sorry if i make this thread on wrong area, but since i think this topic is related to content. I post it here.