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Thread: Etherpad: Collaborative writing and text editing in real time.

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    Etherpad: Collaborative writing and text editing in real time.

    I came across this site called "Etherpad" one day. It is great for collaborative writing, and updates in real time! I've tried it out and it's really cool!

    Etherpad would be very useful if you are writing or editing an article with 2 or more people. The great thing is, you don't need an account to use it.

    So, why not try it out now?

    What do you think of EtherPad?
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    It's interesting, i think. But don't you think it's rarely to find people who make article in a team? Usually, we do writing for ownself and done by ownself also .

    But this software help us to reduce writing time (if we make collaborative article) because we don't need to send via mail, and then after editer, we need to receive again on my email, etc etc...It's just took quite long time.

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    Yeah, as Akira says, it is unusual for people to write articles as a group, unless of course you're writing a list or doing an interview or something like that. I mean, in all the posts I've written, I've only ever had one where a multi author program would have come in handy, so it just doesn't seem worth it.

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