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Thread: Ezine Question?

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    Ezine Question?

    I have a question regarding article acceptance on
    Is it okay if i copy an article word by word(full and same article is what i mean here) from my site and submit it to ezine?
    Do they cross-check with copyscape or something similar for plagiarism?
    I recently submitted my first article there which was copied from my site and the link was indexed too. After about 12 days, it got accepted and listed at Ezine today.
    Can i similarly submit all such articles which have already been posted on my site?

    I understand that these pages on ezine may not get indexed but if they do, i get a backlink and ofcourse some direct traffic from ezine too.

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    Regardless of whether or not Ezine accepts it, I would strongly recommend against doing this. You are devaluing your website by making the content on it "duplicate content".

    Google may not know where the content appeared first, and given that Ezine is most likely a much bigger and trusted site than yours, there is a big chance that Google assumes the article has been copied from Ezine and consider your site as the duplicate.

    You should always try to submit fresh articles for the purpose of article marketing, not the ones that are on your website.

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    Thanks tmongy. It was my first experience with Ezine or rather article marketing in general, mistakes happen

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    I've huge experience with ezine.. They don't allow duplicate content. Please share both urls here

    1. Your website url ( where article was published )
    2. Ezine url ( where article was published )

    They suspended one of our platinum account for future submission because we submitted only 1 duplicate article by mistake.

    After explanation and deleting that article , They restored it.

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    Here it is :

    Original Article :

    @ Ezine :

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    Ezine articles checks if you are the sole owner of the article you have submitted on Ezine. If you have some content on your website by your name, you can then submit the same on Ezine and it will get approved. However if they found the same article submitted somewhere else by another name, they will deny it.

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    Don't attempt or try to submit a duplicate content to Ezine which was already existed in the internet today. Just create your own unique article and submit it to Ezine, and you'll be approved.
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    In my opinion, it's better to write an original article and post it on the enzine. I haven't done too much wth enzine. But have recently written and posted a few articles. You get some quality referral traffic. So it's worth it to invest a little time submit original content.

  9. <slipping into grayhat mode>

    Or... submit your article to eZineArticles, wait a month, then submit it elsewhere.

    You could also try article spinning, perhaps even with Article Mill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Will.Spencer View Post
    You could also try article spinning, perhaps even with Article Mill.
    Have tried that tool, but I found it strange that it didn't work Is there a tutorial for it? Sorry, but it's just something I can't get to work
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