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Thread: Good Content Provider Companies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightbeam7 View Post
    Very true. It's better to hire writers individually. Too many content mills have writers cranking out junk for slave wages.
    The downside to hiring individuals is that they may disappear for awhile. It shouldn't be a problem if you have hired your own staff of writers. But if you are depending on one writer and they fail to communicate that they are unable to meet the deadlines, you will be really behind in your project.

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    This is an idea I saw on a blog:

    Near a high school, college, community college?

    Scads of students taking writing courses, english, etc. are there for the picking.

    Another plus to hiring students?
    They bring a different perspective to any subject and they are not bound by writers who are on the internet.

    So just something to keep in mind....

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    Since Panda hit, and several article mills either shut down or seriously cut back both quantity and pay scale, we saw a flood of writers hit the bricks, looking for work. Some were work-at-home-moms, some were experienced writers that cranked out good quality copy.
    The devil, of course, is always in the details. My partner and I solicited all comers to submit samples over a three day period, and got 175 applications. We immediately trashed nearly 30 of them - mostly off-shore, ESL writers - and started testing the rest. Within a week, we narrowed it down to about 75 that were all "above average" quality (yeah, I know... highly subjective target). The third battery of tests cut the group down to 3 dozen, and after a few weeks, missed deadlines or quality issues cut that group down by a third. We've been running 24 of them for a few months now, and we pay them 3 times or more what they were making at the mills. But 11 of those 24 are certified teachers, 6 of them hold masters degrees, and collectively, they have over 200 years experience in professional copywriting, mostly on-line, but some in print.
    My point is, Panda did you a back-handed favor if you're looking for decent writers. By attacking so many directories, mills and blog networks, it put a lot of writers on the street. And if you have the volume to keep them busy, and are willing to pay them a fair wage, you can develop a good working relationship with some reliable, quality writers, fairly painlessly.

  4. If you want looking for content provider, usually some forum provide content section on their forums. You can choose and negotiate with the forum member.

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