So one of the main things I see online is that people just do not know how to capitalize things. Therefore, I created this thread!

Types of Words You Should Always Capitalize

  • Proper Names (Corey Freeman)
  • Places with Proper Names (Charlotte, India, France, Boston)
  • Pronouns that Refer to Specific People (Uncle Bob, My Mom, My Dad)
  • Languages (English, French, Cantonese)
  • School Subjects with Roman Numerals or Numbers (Math 501, Physchology II)
  • Religious Figures (God, Allah, Cthulu)
  • The First Word of Every Sentence
  • The word "I" and Conjunctions (I'm, I'd, I'll, I)

How to Capitalize Titles

When capitalizing a title, you do not capitalize:

  • prepositions
  • conjunctions
  • articles in the middle of a title

Titles can be tricky, but here is a step-by-step solution to capitalizing the title of anything:

1) this is my post title of the awesome post

We have this text, which will serve as our example title.

2) This is My Post Title of the Awesome Post

Now we capitalize all of the larger words. But wait! There's a problem with the title above!

3) This Is My Post Title of the Awesome Post

You see, "is" is a verb. It's a form of the infinitive "to be." So you have to capitalize it too!

Any Questions?

Alright, throw your capitalization problems out there.