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Thread: How to choose Article topics for a site?

  1. Why not just write on current trends that people might be looking for? I dont understand why you would need to look for titles to start with?

    If you own a technology site, and Intel just released a new processor - write about it. If western digital just released a new hard drive - write about it.

    If you need ideas, subscribe to the major sites, like Intel, AMD, western digital, seagate, EMC,,,,,, and have them email you their news releases. Then use the news releases as topics for your site.

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    first you have need to chouse topic, then go to adword keyword search tool and find long tail keyword related with your topic, and create a good title by merging all keywords.
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    Let me put this in a simple way for you.
    Since you have not invested much time in the domains, you will need to do some now.

    Step by step
    1) Find some middle to low competition KW's for your niche
    2) Use Adwords and Search based KW tool of Google to find long tail KW's..
    3) Now when you have prepared a set of 8-9 KW's, if possible make some synonyms also
    4) Search these KW's in the google and see what kind of content you are getting
    5) If you have a few hours, I mean 2-3 hrs then Read 5-6 articles for each Long tail KW
    6) Choose the titles you like and spin them
    7) This way you have the titles also, as well as you know what to expect from your writer in the content.
    My method also provides a direction to build your site content in a streamlined manner.

    Hope this might help you..

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    Choose titles that are relevant and interesting. Someone probably won't click on a boring title, but if it's catchy they will. Most article writers can write their own titles based on the website goal. It's almost always a good idea to use the keywords you want to rank for in your post titles, but it isn't always necessary.

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