I have two domains which are two months old and not yet promoted.

Currently,they are being run with automated content.

I prepared to stop building automated content and start building original content to it as i heard that original gives good serps and nice traffic.

so, i am planning to hire some article writer for my both sites.

But, before hiring some one to start writing articles - i need to give them the article titles,right?

I am unable to decide about what topics do i need to provide for the article writer.

Today i searched in google with the term " how to choose article titles for a site " and found few info.

One of the blog suggested that to use google adword tool and research with the required keyword.

After that depending on the analysis of the search volume with the particular keyword in the search engine,we need to choose the topics it seems.

And i have heard that it would be good,if we build a site which we have knowledge or interest in but i don't have perfect knowledge about anything.(Who knows everything)

Two niches of the sites are technology and health insurance.

Sites are:- technology-faq.net and insurancehealthpremiums.com

So,my question is how to choose article topics for any site?

thanks in advance!