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Thread: How Densely Should you Pack in Keywords?

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    Everyone seems to have a different take on this subject. Some people will swear by a certain percentage being perfect for SEO, others say just write naturally.

    My view is that if you write naturally for your readers, then by default you will achieve the correct keyword density.
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  2. How Densely Should you Pack in Keywords?
    99% of the time, I write for people, not search engines. The one exception is the opening sentence of my blog post. In the opening sentence of just about all of my blog post, I try to use my targeted keywords in the first few words.

    After the opening sentence, I do not count keywords. I write for the human reader, and not search engines.

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    I write for the readers more than the search engines but it only makes sense to do what we can for ranking, as well. I have found sticking to about a 1% keyword density works well for both readers and the search engines. Of course, related words and phrases (LSI) is also helpful.


  4. The search engine algorithms are so good these days,that your best bet is just to write naturally as the others already said

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    The latest thing is LSI anyway, so any number of keywords are going to be targeted by the Search Engines. It is very easy to see that an article has been written for keyword (or phrase) selection, and in my opinion this is poor writing.

    If you want people to keep reading your material and spread the word about your material, make it inviting, interesting and informative. Also throw in some controversy, and some authority and you have yourself a great formula for continued readership.

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    I don't believe in stuffing keywords, I usually write articles for my readers and not for search engines. A well written blog entry or article can easily go viral than a keyword stuffed ones.

  7. I start by writing for my readers. Then, I go back a little later and look at Google AdWords to see if there's anything I might have missed that would make the content better.
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    Keywords appear quite frequently in my articles, but that's just to avoid ambiguity. If i did keyword stuffing it would read like i didn't know what i was writing about lol; so i definitely don't do it

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    Keywords are that necessary anymore, its all about what your article can convey to the reader and how unique it is. Personally i feel articles should just flow, not struggled while writing them, as yangyang mentioned they should have a natural touch.
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