One of the fastest ways to make money online without any technical knowledge is by writing articles. If you have a decent English vocabulary and can write fluently, you can make money quite fast.
Webmasters need fresh and ORIGINAL content and articles for their website. If they copied articles, no one would come to their site. Also, they wouldn’t been shown in Google search results, which is very bad and harmful for them. Many wouldn’t have the time to sit and write articles. So they hire people to write articles for them.
All you would need for this is a decent text editor (like MS Word), a good spell and grammatical error checker (inbuilt in MS Word) and lots of motivation.

Usually, the rate is quoted per 100 words. At the beginning, I strongly recommend that you do 2-3 jobs at 80 cents for 100 words. Try to write the best articles. This can earn you a good reputation and some iTrader’s. Then you start charging $1 per 100 words. If people feel you write great articles and you get a great reputation, you can slowly increase your price. You could start earning $2 per 100 words in a matter of a few weeks.