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Thread: Master List of Grammar Tips

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    3 common English mistakes

    Hello all,

    I've noticed 3 very common mistakes that we make. I've seen people making these mistakes in articles, posts (on forums) etc:

    1. Using "then" instead of "than"

    This is very common. People often use "then" instead of "than" in sentences like:

    Wrong: "He is better then me."
    Correct: "He is better than me."

    Wrong: "I love Google more then Yahoo!"
    Correct: "I love Google more than Yahoo!"

    2. Using 2nd-form of verb in Negative/Interrogative Past Tense sentences

    Another common mistake we make. In Negative/Interrogative Past Tense sentences we use "2nd-form" of verb instead of 1st-form. Forexample:

    Wrong: "I didn't told him to do that."
    Correct: "I didn't tell him to do that."

    Wrong: "Did he liked it?" -- "Did they appreciated it?"
    Correct: "Did he like it?" --- "Did they appreciate it?"

    3. Using small "i" instead of capital "I"

    This is also a common mistake. We (almost) always use "i" instead of "I":

    Wrong: "He know i don't like that."
    Correct: "He know I don't like that."

    Wrong: "John hates DP while i love it."
    Correct: "John hates DP while I love it."

    P.S: English is not my first language.


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    Everybody must bring their own lunch -> Incorrect
    Everybody must bring his or her own lunch -> Correct

    My mothers cabin is next to his' cabin -> Incorrect
    My mother's cabin is next to his cabin -> Correct

    Its a cold day in October -> Incorrect
    It's a cold day in October -> Correct

    The recipes is good for beginning chefs -> Incorrect
    The recipes are good for beginning chefs -> Correct

    At eight years old, my father gave me a pony for Christmas -> Incorrect
    When I was eight years old, my father gave me a pony for Christmas -> Correct

    Nobody know how to drive -> Incorrect
    Nobody knows how to drive -> Correct

    Kick someone in the head -> Incorrect
    Share what you have -> Correct

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    Incorrect: I love vegetable
    Correct: I love vegetables

    Incorrect: When you will go to office?
    Correct: When will you go to office?

    Incorrect: Do not make noise
    Correct: Do not make a noise

    And I am still learning.
    English is my second language. :P

  4. I think in 'When will you go to office?' there is an article 'the' missing. Also in the correct part of:
    Incorrect: When you will go to office?
    Correct: When will you go to office?
    the same article is still missing.

    What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandon View Post

    I have seen that many people are confused with the difference between the two. So am I.

    Please Corey (or someone else) can you clarify.


    So far as I know, you want to know the difference between ITS AND IT'S.

    "IT'S" is a short form of "it is", where as "ITS" shows the possession of something.

  6. Nice conversation is going here but this can correct my English grammar.

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