So this is going to be a master list of grammar tips for you to use to improve your content. I know personally that horrible grammar really grinds my brains, so I'm hoping you guys will review this thread and help raise the quality of articles online!

Subject Verb Agreement:
The amount of the subject must agree with the verb tense. Examples:

"She runs away" is incorrect. "She ran away" is correct.
"He buy many sites" is wrong. "He buys many sites" is correct.

Verb Tenses:
The verb tense must agree with the time period of the content.

"Learn about webmaster" is wrong. "Learn about webmastering" is right.

"Learned to webmastering" is wrong. "Learned to webmaster" is right.

"Learn to webmastering" is wrong. "Learn to webmaster" is right.

Apostrophes and Pluralization:
You NEVER use an apostrophe (') to pluralize words. Apostrophes are for showing possession. Examples:

Blog's (plural) is wrong. "blogs" is correct.
Blogs posts (possessive) is wrong. Blog's posts correct.


Please feel free to suggest more common errors for this list!