This is a list of all of the things I do regularly to boost the content that my articles contain, as well as my tips for being more efficient. I know other people suggest things like "use a thesaurus" but these go outside of the box and help you all the way around!

1. Eat brain food. Sometimes I start working and I lose all of my thoughts due to not eating. Always keep healthy foods nearby and avoid junk food like the plague. It has more of an affect on your brain power than you think. Eat fish, nuts, and veggies regularly.

2. Play brain games. I have a DSi so I use those brain games often. Flash Focus, Brain Age, Math Play, and other word games are all great. Not only do they keep you thinking sharp, but they also teach you to think logically and quickly. This comes in handy when researching and trying to get things done fast.

3. Exercise. I try to do exercise before working so that my blood is circulating nicely and I don't run out of energy. Writing takes a lot of energy!

4. Meditate for 5 minutes a day. This can clear your mind from the excess junk that the internet tends to fill your head with.

5. Read. Read everything and anything. Reading improves grammar, vocabulary, and creativity.

Do you follow any of these?