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Thread: Outsourcing Professional Audio and Video Dirt Cheap

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    Outsourcing Professional Audio and Video Dirt Cheap

    For a new project I have been getting video and audio produced from Fiverr – The place for people to share things they’re willing to do for $5 where profesional voice people will provide you with up to 1 minute of audio narration of your script or budding actors will record a speaking head video for you. I think that this is awesome value for $5 per gig.

    So you can tap into the skills of people that have worked for magnitudes more money for gigs for big corporations to make commercials or to go live on air on radio shows. Of course there are many jokers in the mix too that you have to sift through.

    For audio you get an MP3 file to download, and for video it is likely to be produced on a MAC in .mov format. But there are plenty of audio and video editing softwares that you can make use of to convert these files to your needs.

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    I to have found some really good people to work with on was real happy with there work. I also like how they set up the payments.

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    I love Fiverr!!! I recommend it to everyone.

    I'm going to need some voice over work for a short video, any rec's, Andy?

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