DISCLAIMER: This post is in no way aimed at any particular members of this forum. Plagiarism is always wrong and should be combated by everyone.

First and foremost, stealing is WRONG. So, don't do it. Now, let's talk about plagiarism.

What is plagiarism? It's the taking of content that is not your own unique creation and using it without proper citation (credit, props, etc.) This includes:

copying forum threads from other forums
copying posts from other blogs
copying essays for your homework
copying content for your clients

Plagiarism is similar to copyright infringement except that you aren't selling the content, but using it personally. Copyright infringement is a legal issue, and you will most likely get sued.

How to Get Free Content:

article sites will allow you to reprint their articles as long as you keep the author credit in tact. So if you want free content, go there. Don't copy from other, hard working blogs!