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    Podcasting Equipment

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I can't think of a better place to put it because it relates to content, but not written content.

    I'm starting to record podcasts and I'm using a Microsoft mic and headphone combo which are very good but I'm getting a lot of 's' type sounds when I open my mouth. It's almost like I'm spitting. Has anyone ever done podcasts, and can you suggest ways to deal with this?


  2. Get a mic that has a foam pad around it. Have you ever wondered why the mics the stars use have a foam pad around them?

    Your going to have to practice saying certain words and letters so they do not impact the recording.

    Slow down, take your time when recording.

    Record in segments, then slice them together. If you have a bad segment, you can rerecord just that segment.

    You need to figure out what letters have a negative impact on the recording, and teach yourself another way to say those letters. For myself, its the letter "P" - it sounds more like a "pop" then a "p".

    Try increasing the distance between you and the mic. Instead of using a headset and the mic being 2 inches from your mouth, hold the mic out 1 foot from your mouth.

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    I saw one video series that recommend Samson mic. You can get a cheap one on eBay.


  4. I recently watched [ame=""]YouTube - Creating Great Podcasts and Videos - by Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio[/ame] where a successful podcaster shows the equipment he uses, from mics and even cameras to software, and also has links in the description box.

  5. I think that you would need a Microphone a audio mixer and analog to digital i can recommend this
    but of course,you can buy these separately,buy the 502 mixer and you can maybe save a bit

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