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Thread: Publishing content

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    I used to procrastinate publishing, but within time I've learned that asap is the best way of doing it.

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    Maybe publishing 1 every 2 days will be a good idea. The remaining time you can invest in backlink building and SEO of the blog..

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    It depends on the site. For a worpress site I would post every 3 days. For a site using joomla or static site, I'd post the articles faster starting out with 10-20 articles and adding 5 per week.

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    Publishing them at once will make the BigG suspicious... I would publish every day or every other day ..... Use wordpress for delayed publishing.....

    ^^ good one .... add 10 at once and then add them bit by bit .....

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    I would want to publish it immediately, but I think you should publish it slowly. I would say go in order. Start off with a good post. Then post another that relates to it, and is also good. Keep increasing the interest level the article would create slowly. Your readers will get hooked if its relevant to their interests.

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