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Thread: Putting Articles on proxies? How do I?

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    Putting Articles on proxies? How do I?

    Hey guys,

    I am looking to add some articles to my proxy...for instance

    How do I add articles to the site and keep the same theme? I have tried creating another directory but to be frank...I have no clue how to do

    Thanks in advance.

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    See where you have this: "If you need more proxies check out"

    If you want, you could just put another article somewhere under that. You could also take the proxy pages and put them into a new directory - but remove the form in the middle, and replace that with an article. I could tell you how to make another directory if you tell me what you're using - cpanel, etc. In general, though, you just access your FTP and there should be a link for 'create new directory'

    Then add a link to the article you just created on your navbar. =]

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    Hey man,

    Yeah I tried creating a new directory but I kind of got lost lol. I have cpanel.

    I am inside the public html folder and now I am in the themes folders and I am on the config file...would it be here on in the main.php


    I just do not know how to copy the look and make it a seperate file

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    This functionality is built in to Glype.

    If your glype theme has the proper <!-- Content Start --> and <!-- Content End --> tags, which looking at your, it does have them. Then to replace content, create a php file with the file name you want in the root (public_html) folder, example, proxy-article.php . Now within the proxy-article.php make it look like this :

    PHP Code:

    //initialize glype

    require 'includes/init.php';

    //new content

    $content = <<<OUT
       <h2>Proxy Article</h2>
       <p>Blah Blah Blah. Put your article here.</p>
       <p>Continuation of article, blah blah blah.</p>
       <p>etc, etc, etc</p>

    //replace content

    echo replaceContent($content);
    Notice: There is no closing php tag (?>) in this file.

    Then, you can just link to the article from within anywhere in your site, sidebar perhaps, and that new file will replace everything in your theme between the <!-- Content Start --> and <!-- Content End --> tags with the new content.

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