I wanted to start a list of sites that pay for articles. Feel free to add to it.

My most recent discovery is: Skyword

They have 3 different programs you can sign up for. They are the parent company of Gather.com. Anyway, you can apply for Gather News, ImpreMedia, HealthGlow, or Pampers. I've just applied for Healthglow in the beauty niche. I'm not sure if I'll be accepted, but I hope so. HealthGlow pays $10 an article, and it appears they accept an unlimited amount of articles. Pampers also pays $10 an article, but I didn't apply for that since they want writers who have experienced pregnancy and babies. With Gather News and ImpreMedia they only pay per visitor. However, they provide training in how to get lots of visitors, and pay well per visit. Gather News in for English speakers, ImpreMedia is for Spanish speakers.


Wisegeek - pays around $10 an article
Demand Studios - pays $10 plus an article
Yahoo Contributors Network - They usually offer about $5 each for my articles but I've heard that varies widely.
Love to Know - pays about $22 an article
London brokers - pays about $3.50 an article
Textbroker - Pay depends on your ranking. They rank you between a 1-5. I'm a 4, and get about $5 an article.

Do you know of any others?