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Thread: Using Wikipedia Content

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    I use content from wikipedia as well. Not directly though, i rewrite every sentence i copy and then incorporate in on my blog. And wikipedia articles happen to be free, so copying them shouldn't get into any legal troubles,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Priyojeet View Post
    There is a lot that has made the news in terms of Wikipedia content. There are factual errors that many have reported, however, as I understand they have an airtight process and before anything goes online it thoroughly checked.

    However, a recent American study has revealed that there still are many cases of content errors in Wikipedia and that it should not always be considered as the most reliable content site
    There are plenty of factual errors in Wikipedia. They sometimes flag the articles that they cannot verify with a notice that the content needs verification. It can be difficult to verify the facts in a Wikipedia article, because sometimes there are very few sources where you can verify the facts and weed out the opinions.
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    There are tons of factual errors in Wikipedia articles! I never rely on anything in Wikipedia, unless I confirm it with other, more reliable sources.

    Here's why - back when I was in TV news, there was an anchor that no one liked, so a couple of the employees made up a Wikipedia page about him. The content was hilarious - albeit, mostly untrue and downright ridiculous! To my knowledge, it's still up. So much for fact-checking!
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    Although there are factual errors, I do tend to rewrite everything that I might use from Wikipedia, and I like to actually check the content (and what I say) before I post it.

    Most of the more popular topics, though, are pretty correct.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bhartzer View Post
    Although there are factual errors, I do tend to rewrite everything that I might use from Wikipedia, and I like to actually check the content (and what I say) before I post it.
    Wiki articles can often benefit from rewriting. Their piecemeal editing style often leads to pages that don't make sense as one cohesive article. Improving readability is a legitimate value-add.
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