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Thread: What do you write about?

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    What do you write about?

    What topics do you cover in your personal writing or freelance career? I generally write about:

    Webmaster Topics
    Interior Design
    Web Design

  2. I've been writing on:

    Making Money Online

    Recently wrote a bit on Productivity too.
    My Blog- Let's Get Talking!
    Are you on Twitter? Let's become friends!

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    When I used to do freelance writing I wrote about a lot of different niches, and, admittedly, I was actually learning a lot just from researching the articles. The topics I wrote on ranged from dog training to weight loss to 'applying for a US home' (that one was especially hard, seeing as I live in the UK ).

    That said, nowadays I focus purely on my own blog which is about making money online, but I might start writing again over the summer when I try and make some money.

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    I'm write about this topic :

    - my life story
    - contest information
    - and some of internet business-related

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    Me? Anything interesting I learn! :P

    -Blogging tips
    -Personal Development
    -Useful tools
    Gloson Blog - How-tos, tips, and more!
    Poetry Talents - Funny poetry for kids!

    Twitter - @Gloson

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    Nice lists, guys. Are there any topics you WISH you could write about? What about topics you have no idea about - do you do a lot of research?

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    i wish i can write about japan since i love japan country, i'm not japanese but my euforia is for japan. No need to do research, since it's my hobby (i hear japan music, watch japan show), so i'm already knowledged well about this topic.
    But is there any prospect of business about japanese-related?

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    HUmm... i really like to write about

    Sports ( especially martial arts)
    Computer (tips/trick and programming)
    some cool software

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    Topics I write (and wrote) about:
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Blogging
    • Self Improvment
    • Old School Video Gamimg
    • Marketing Strategies
    • Internet

    Topics I wish I had (more) experience with:
    • Making $ Online
    • Develloping

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    i'm write about my life story and i write about my experienced with Jesus ...

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