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Thread: What Should I Write About

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    Get narrow and get niched.

    That's how you'll keep a niche and traffic!

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    If you're writing about general webmaster-related topics, which are exactly what you described in your previous post, then I believe it's alright for you to be a bit diverse. There is a lot to cover and a lot you can talk about.

    Make sure your posts are quality posts, though. I cannot stress that enough.

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    I don't think it's too diverse. The topics are related one way or another so I think these are okay to begin/ write articles on.

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    It's fine for you to cover such a broad range... It just means to say you'll have more competition to compete with. You'll likely be more successful if you target more specific areas of webmastering.

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    Write about blogging, the blogosphere and blog promotion.

    There too many forums and SEO celebrity bloggers to make much of a dent with webmaster topics,

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    There may be many SEO blogers out there but yet the market is not saturated. SEO is a mixture of technology, marketing and consumer psychology. If you can write on these topics with a fresh prespective and provide some indepth still have a chance.

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