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Thread: What's "new" about "Content Curators"?

  1. What's "new" about "Content Curators"?

    I've been linked to "Content Curation: Why Is The Content Curator The Key Emerging Online Editorial Role Of The Future?" which is relevant to a topic we had earlier about information overload.

    At first I failed to see what's so new and special about the whole concept. It seems just like putting a fancy new term on something that many have already been doing, not only through social bookmarking and social news, but through specific blogs, and even directories (which existed for a long time).

    It does I suppose go slightly further in terms of providing a precise definition: "A content curator is
    someone who continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online." So relevancy to a very specific issue and continuity are emphasized, but still, that's not all that different from what people have already been doing.

    What annoys me, though, is seeing in comments someone mention a content "creation vs. curation" debate. What debate? And why the dichotomy? The thing is this "content curation" can easily be considered a form of content creation as well. A compilation of links or other things is still content...

    So, this article talks about a "content curator" as a new editorial profession which could become a "new" money making opportunity, so naturally there's an urge to jump on the bandwagon, saturate the market and create the same "information overload" problem all over again, except this time we'll be overloaded with compilations and references to information in addition to information itself..

    But, this can't be avoided I guess, so before we "jump" on that bandwagon, it helps to actually understand what the hell are we supposed to do differently? How is "content curation" different from writing a blog on a specific topic or running some kind of an editorialized directory, for example? That part escapes me...

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    I know this is an old thread, but I though I would get it moving again because Content Curation is currently a hot topic.

    There are several companies offering content curation services, but some look like nothing more than article spinners--which is something that no longer works with the post-Panda Google search.

    At its best, content curation appears to be nothing more than keeping your site focused on a topic, which is not a new concept at all. At its worst, it a spam blog focused on a specific theme.

    What are your thoughts about content curation?
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    What are your thoughts about content curation?
    Having experience of how the Internet Marketing gurus operate, I would say that "content curation" will consist of scraping existing content from various locations such as YouTube, Article sites, Google trends etc., and assembling this content into a blog post by an automated WordPress plugin. Unlike curation by a person, it's most likely to be done by a $47 script that only needs an initial setup with keywords specified.

    article spinners--which is something that no longer works
    I doubt it since it's not {possible|easy} to identify well spun content e.g. {Learn|Read} about {website|article} {content|copy} {spinning|re-writing}.

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