I am the representative of a team made of writers from Bosnia.

My team consists of professors of English, Italian and German language with one
car mechanic that has writing experience.

We are now at the beginning of our work, which came after a long period of preparing and perfecting.

In this promo offer you can get 5 originals 100 copyscape articles with promo prices.

All articles are made after a detailed research and all have over 300 words.

There is a possibility of individual or complete purchase. We can send samples to your e-mail address or PM.

Italy pack:

1. Things to do in Rome (440)

2. Florence attractions (385)
3. Nightlife in Florence (365)

Price for this pack is 7$

Automotive pack:

1. Hybrid Vehicles, Is There a Future (364)
2. Piston Engines, Are They Dying (394)

Price for this pack is 5$

Price for all Articles is 12$

Prices for ordered articles are higher. For each ordered job we give around the clock work and money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Payment is via PayPal

Contact PM or uradisamteam@gmail.com