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Thread: 13 Squidoo Lenses Pet Related

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    13 Squidoo Lenses Pet Related

    I have for sale a group of 13 lenses all pet related with original content.

    I am asking $100 but this comes with some really good "extras"

    PM or reply with questions, urls will be sent via PM to anyone who wants to take a look see.
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  2. Do the lenses have revenue? (Can lenses have revenue?)
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    Yes, lenses can have revenue. The way it works though is that the pay is 2 months behind. You get paid for June in Sept. These lenses were still new and so the earnings due this month were less than $1 - that was for the Google ad share. There are also affiliate ads on the lenses for which the owner gets 50% of the revenue.

    These lenses are all unique with lots of actual content. A lot of the lenses you see on Squidoo aren't much more than a bunch of ads and pictures. The price averages out to less than $8 per lens - and that doesnt count the bonus that I cant really mention here but only in PM along with urls etc.
    Have Some Fun and Laugh at The Crazy Hillbilly ~^~ Freaky Ouija Board Stories!

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