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Thread: 2 articles on different topics - 1.5$ each

  1. 2 articles on different topics - 1.5$ each

    Hi I have 2 articles on different topics for sale. If anyone is interested to buy them, please pm me

    1. CCNA certification- a route to a career in networking -303
    2. Mobile Phone Recycling -248

    Sample text

    CCNA certification is the first level or the basic level certification course offered by the networking giant Cisco which includes all the basics of networking like the working of switches, routers and bridges,

    The content is 100% unique and entirely written by me. Thanks in advance
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    Could you PM me a sample of the first article? (CCNA Certification)

  3. sorry kovich, ccna certification already sold in another forum
    The following articles are available
    Tips to purchase the right laptop - 446
    Replica watch iwc - 314
    Hublot replicas - 334
    Mobile Phone Recycling-248
    100% unique and copyright for all the 4 articles will be completely yours once you purchase them. I am ready to sell them individually

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