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Thread: 2 Million Email List

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    Exclamation 2 Million Email List

    2 Million Email List ($10)

    I am selling 2 Million Emails in a list. These are all real emails not bots or generated emails and I gained them legally. Great offer and potential to earn a lot . They are in a .txt file for ease of use.

    Files You Get With Purchase:
    > .txt file containing 2 Million Valid Emails
    > A program to use to mass email people

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    Did you collect them? How? By users that signed up?
    |Nico Lawsons

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    He stole them from a warez site more than likely. He didn't actually legitimately get a list of 2,000,000 opt-in e-mails himself.

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    Haha no I didn't steal them. I purchased about half of them earlier in the year and collected the rest.

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