I need 200+ articles written on a wide variety of topics. Each article must be 500-odd words long. To write for me, you must:

1) Be an individual writer. I am neither open to a team of writers, nor to an individual who subcontracts.
2) Be able to demonstrate competence in the specific area that you choose to write about.

Though I will give you specific topics later, here are the areas that I need articles in:

  1. academics and worksheets
  2. appliances and household goods
  3. art and technology
  4. auto, tech, and computers
  5. clothing, home, and maternity
  6. cooking
  7. describe a picture (I give you a picture and you describe it)
  8. essays and writing
  9. fishing
  10. health and pregnancy
  11. kids, families, and birthdays
  12. money and foreign exchange
  13. pets
  14. regional articles (based on specific countries)
  15. toys, shopping, and rental
  16. travel
  17. weddings

To apply:
1) Let me know your price
2) Please choose an area or two which best meet your skill set
3) Provide me with the reason you believe you are best suited to write on this given area.