Hi everyone,

I'm selling 3 unique, well researched articles in "List" format (see titles below) on Android and Android apps. They are very well written by a knowledgeable writer, and contain some pretty useful and interesting information.

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Here are the titles and word count:

1. 5 great time and task management apps for Android - 554;

2. 5 must have apps for a new Android smartphone or tablet PC - 665;

3. 5 very cool apps for the Android operating system - 672;

Here are some examples of my writing: http://profile.imageshack.us/user/wanderinglex

These articles would look great on any site!

Normally, hired bloggers ask $10-20 for an article of the same quality and length as these. I'm usually charging $0.01 per word, so all of them would cost $18.91, but if you buy them all today, I'll give you a discount of $4.91, so you'll pay only $14. You can also PM me your own offer, and I'll consider it.