i want to sell 4 Forex Articles..
Need Quick cash , so i am selling those articles for 8$.. 2$ for each article.

i am also giving samples..

The forex market and your profits

Forex derives from the foreign exchange, a enormous marketplace of trading in which the article of trade is money itself. In the forex market, traders are purchasing and vending foreign currencies -- trading dollars for pounds, pounds for euros, and so forth.

Reading a forex book

When it derives to forex trading, there are many, many means out there to help you study the ropes. There are online progressions, sessions and even one-on-one preparation obtainable. But occasionally the finest method to learn is the old-fashioned way: by reading a book.

Let Your Money Work for You with Automated FOREX Trading

In our up-to-date world of amenity and comfort, some monetary investors are finding it beneficial to do FOREX trading the informal way: through automated FOREX trading systems.
Automated FOREX trading is precisely what it sounds like. A extremely erudite and complex computer program uses mathematical algorithms to define when to buy and sell currency, and it makes the trades for you. You put an opening investment into the account, and then let the system do the entire job for you.

Forex alerts are a manageable mode of remaining on top of the marketplace

Since currency exchange covers the whole world and all 24 time zones, forex is a 24-hour-a-day marketplace. This is virtuous in that it outcomes in billions upon billions of dollars of transactions each day. But it correspondingly means that forex traders have a continuous influx of information to keep track of, not like the stock market, where once trading closes at 5 p.m., that’s it. So how do forex traders stay on top of things? Maximum of them use forex alerts of some kind.