I hope it's OK for this to be my first post here...

So, for sale are 5 absolutely unique articles, written by a knowledgeable Internet marketer for newbies and advanced users, focusing on specific problems, how to solve them and tips on how to improve relevant aspects of the work.

These articles will make an excellent addition to any marketing/business/affiliate marketing/make money online blog, and can even be used as pillar content. They also have a high chance of getting to the front page of Reddit, Digg, Slashdot and other social networks, due to their interesting and useful nature and ease of reading.
These articles will only be sold once, and the buyer retains all the rights.

Titles, word count & price (You can also place your own offer or buy them all for $33, saving $5):

1. " 4 sales tips an entrepreneur must know " – 768 words – $8

2. " 5 mistakes your business must avoid making " - 828 words – $8

3. " 5 online services to replace your aging fax machine " – 733 words – $7

4. " How to market your business using content creation " – 746 words – $8

5. " Top 6 online invoicing services for your business " – 655 words – $7

A few samples:

… a full array of standard invoicing and billing features, plus some fairly advanced time tracking and subcontractor management services. They can be integrated with a lot of other accounting and project management services like Basecamp and QuickBooks. They have a…"

When your business is small you have to accept whatever help you can get, and if another company offers you to team up on a project and split the profit, think twice before refusing. If you successfully complete the project, you’ll still be…
… oldest online forms of one-way communication, and 4 years ago everyone was saying that they’re dead. But they are making a comeback (just like the pop-up ads), and the results are very good. Having a …

… and it has always been fast and easy. For $10 a month, you get a fax number and the ability to send 100 pages (never used more than 20). You also have the option to direct your incoming faxes to any email (a copy is always available in your MyFax account, if you need it), so you can…
You just have to know who is buying from you; otherwise you may end up selling steaks to vegetarians. Do some extensive research, learn what your clients like and dislike, what they’ve been through, and only…

These are very good articles which hired bloggers ask $15-20 to research and write, and I’m sure they’re worth every cent.

The prices above are for each article bought separately, you can also buy all of them for $33 (save $5) or PM me your best offer and I’ll consider it.