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Most Databases are in MySQL Format with some in XLSX Format and CSV Format

The list of 65 Databases & Format

MySQL Format
Impact Craters Database
Biggest Disasters Database
Portable Media Players Database
Phobias Database
DVD Hacks Database
US Windfarms Database
Wordpress Game Cheats Database (MySQL - XML)
Wordpress Drink Recipes Database (MySQL - XML)
More Jokes Database
Lyrics Database
Bible Verses Database
Game Console Emulators Database
Computer Emulators Database
More Famous Quotes Database
Biographies Database
More Baby Names Database
File Extensions Database
SA Dialing Codes Database
SA Schools Database
SA Postal Codes Database
SA Streets Database
SA Preprimary Schools Database
Protein Enzymes Database
Wii Games Database
US Radio Stations Database
Sheep Breeds Database
Rabbit Breeds Database
PSP Games Database
Nintendo DS Games Database
Isotopes Database
Country Codes Database
Gamecube Games Database
Human Parasites Database
Gameboy Games Database
Fictional Extraterestrial Database
Endangered Language Database
Early Home Computer Database
Dog Breed Classification Database
Dictators Database
Deadly Earthquake Database
CPU Power Database
Computer Abbreviations Database
Company Etymology Database
Airports Database
Airline Codes Database
Tasty Recipes Database
Scripts Database
Restaurants Database
Plants Database
Jokes Database
Famous Quotes Database
Ethnic Food Recipes Database
Drink Recipes Database
Animal Shelters Database
23K Recipes Database
Cat Breeds Database
Texas Executions Database

CSV Format
Kosmos Satellites Database
Firearms Database
War Database
US Zip Codes Database
Doughnut Store Database
Bagel Shops Database
Baby Names Database

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