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Thread: 8 Personal Finance Articles for Sale!

  1. 8 Personal Finance Articles for Sale!

    Hello everyone,

    I have 8 articles on Personal Finances for sale. They are all well written articles, copyscape free, checked for grammatical or error spelling.

    These articles will be sold only once, the buyer will retain all rights on the articles.

    Here are the 8 articles:

    1. Finances in a Marriage: Joint Finances or Keep it Separately? – Word count: 495

    2. How to have a decent life with less money? – word count: 471

    3. Manage Your Money as a Teenager – word count: 568

    4. Your Financial Plans for Retirement – word count: 678

    5. Manage your debt by applying for a different credit card provider – word count: 445

    6. Is it Necessary for a Debt Consolidation Service to Assist You? – word count: 485

    7. Property Saving Info - The Help You Need for Loan Modification and Debt Elimination word count: 560

    8. Need cash quickly with bad credit record – solve your problem with a fast personal loan – word count: 488

    Price for the set of 8 articles is $30 - payment via Paypal.

    Please let mo know if you are interested in the articles!

  2. Last minute offer: I am willing to sell these articles for just $25 the set.

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    I could definitely use these.

    Can you show me a sample?

  4. Last and final offer for the 8 articles = $15.

    Come on guys I want to get rid of these articles, as there are not much use to me.

    Thank you in advance!

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    I'll take them. Will send PM with my email and to exchange ppal.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by javanx3d View Post
    I'll take them. Will send PM with my email and to exchange ppal.
    Articles sold to javanx3d

    Thank you very much!

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