I'm no longer able to write articles myself (well that's a lie, I can write but it takes me so long that it's hardly worth it), so I'm looking for articles to buy. All articles must pass copyscape and be unique, though I don't mind if they are loosely based on another article so spinning something you've previously written is OK if I get something unique.

To begin with I'm looking for;

1. Articles about travel destinations, with a particular emphasis on ecotourism. Between 500-750 words. Preferably with details of the hotel you stayed in, and at least one local restaurant in the area reviewed, things to do at the destination, and why the location is so special. This can be your hometown if you also know of a good hotel and restaurant.

2. Articles about the latest technology, for example a review of the iPhone, or trends in laptop computers, a review of a regular car under 50,000€ (must be a car currently available in Western Europe).

3. Home and garden, almost anything written with a particular audience in mind - my target audience are mostly apartment dwellers who may have a small terrace, or patio. Container gardening, interior decorating, and modern European trends (Ikea) are most welcome.

If you'd like to respond, please PM me with your price and a sample of the article for sale. My budget is limited at present, but good writers may end up with regular work.