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Thread: Auto Car Parts Database: 728,534 parts by makes, models, years and brands

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    Auto Car Parts Database: 728,534 parts by makes, models, years and brands

    Sale Type: Major Upgrade
    Database URL: Car Parts Database - 728,534 Car, Auto Parts Database by Brands, Makes, Models and Years with Photo Images / Pictures - Download DB Records
    Description: This database was originally released about 1.5 years ago and was upgraded twice in the past year. This upgrade, the 3rd, however, is the largest and best upgrade ever to the database. You can't find a better auto parts database anywhere else.
    Records: 728,534
    Data Tables: 12
    Format: MySQL, CSV, Excel
    Purchase: Anyone interested please just buy it via the PayPal cart.

    Customers who have bought this database before can download this upgrade completely free, just as we have promised as the "Lifetime Free Update".

    My suggestion is you buy it now before it's upgraded and price raised again.
    I'm an entrepreneur at Kavoir LLC. My latest venture is about useful data sets.

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    usd 689 is way too expensive

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