Deprived finding eligible copywriting services? Well, it’s not easy to dig deep and take out what actually clients need. And this is what we are experts in!

Okay! There are lots of people offering cheap copywriting services but are their claims true? If you have ever tried those cheap contents you probably know what did you get is nothing but the crappy content. If you are searching such content then I am sorry but we welcome those ones who need real, quality and well researched content.

Our Offerings-
We are here offering the best copywriting services at the best price. Best price doesn’t mean the cheapest price but relatively low price as compared to other real copywriters’ compensation. My flat rate is $1.10 for 100 words whether it is SEO articles, Web Content, Ezine Articles, Press Release or whatever. I will give you whatever your need but in turn I need something reasonable. And I hope you can understand that quality doesn’t come cheap anyways.

For Bulk Order:-
Yeah! We have some concessions for bulk orders. We can compromise on cost aspect if you have bulk or regular writing orders without compromising on quality aspect.

Turnaround Time:-
Min turnaround time is 24 hrs from 1 article to 20 articles. If you have more than 20 articles then give us some more time as research takes time. Turnaround time depends on the amount of work flow. But if you need articles urgently we are open to discuss the things and work in tight schedules as well.

Payment Mode:- Paypal

Our Expertise:- We are expert in developing sales driven web content, traffic driven SEO content, visitors driven Ezine articles and quality driven researched articles. Now, it’s you choice which type of content you need.

Our Skills:- Deep research, upkeep grammar, humorous and interesting content, original and unique content and finally 100% copyscape clear results.

Our Contact:- Find me with user id “alok0985saharia” at gmail, MSN or Skype or PM me directly along with your email id.

We are open to show our samples and the reference to previous work.

Waiting for bulk orders from our valuable clients.

Alok Saharia