Skills and Experience:

I moved into personal writing in the year 2007.

I have a writing style that is plain spoken and on the level of most
readers. I cover topics completely and attempt to keep readers attention.

I will write articles on most subjects with sufficient information. I have
currently completed a series of rewrites for one of my client that was very
successful. I enjoy writing self help material and I am also very interested
in ghostwritten work.

My writing is published online - on news sites, blogs, and other websites.

I relish the prospect of writing the content you need. I only apply on jobs for which I can provide an exemplary, enthusiastic, and professional

Good writing always tells a story. Stories resonate with the reader,
regardless of the subject.

Good writing is clear and concise. Clear writing shows respect for the

Good writing uses correct spelling and grammar, and a balanced structure. Well
balanced writing gives the reader a feeling of harmony.

Good writing has a personal touch. It makes the reader feel like they know
the writer.

Exceptional writing makes people excited to be alive. Its simple beauty and
elegance are inspirational.

Personal Characteristics

Integrity: I charge only what I need to live. No more, no less.

Efficiency: I always complete projects in the minimum number of hours
possible, reducing your costs.

Creativity: Quality writing needs that spark of creativity to bring it to

Organization: I take deadlines seriously and finish ahead of time in many


* Web Copy Writing

* Article Writing

* Academic Writing

* Essay Writing

* Reviews

* Proofreading/Editing

* Inspirational/Motivational Writing

* Adult content writing ( I mean penis enlargement level)
* Article spinning

Whatever are your writing needs, let me know and I will give you the best
service you can imagine, whether it's your biography, your tall tales, your
life's work or just about you, I'm your star because I can write!

My current offer is 1 cent a word and I am willing to offer 3 review copies to interested buyers.

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